Pitched-Faced Walling Stone

For Pitched-Faced Walling and many other types of stone you can visit the Whitehall Stone Sales website by clicking our logo above.

Pitched-faced walling stone is a versatile type of stone suitable for many different building projects from small walls or extensions to large-scale house builds.

Pitched Faced describes the chiselled finish created when the stone mason chisels a margin at the front of the stone leaving an angle front face. This gives the stone a a rustic and traditional aesthetic but also serves a practical purpose as it allows rain and water to fall away from the cement/mortar.

At Whitehall Stone Sales we supply a variety of Pitched-Faced walling stone but our stock sizes are 100mm, 140mm and 215mm. We also supply quarried pitched-Faced stone in random lengths which are perfect for edges or where uniform lengths aren’t required.

If you require Pitched-Faced wall stone for your small or large-scale building project then get in touch, we will be happy to help.

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