Textured Walling

For Textured Walling and many other types of stone you can visit the Whitehall Stone Sales website by clicking our logo above.

When undertaking building projects you often have to decide whether a new clean polished finish, or a traditional, rustic more authentic look is the most appropriate. You also have to consider using materials and stone that are in keeping with surrounding and adjacent buildings. This is especially the case when building near listed or historic buildings. With all that in mind, Whitehall Stone Sales offers a variety of Texture Walling stone suitable for any application.

Whitehall Stone Sales has the skilled stone masons and equipment required to age, colour or texture stone to your exact specification. We also offer a colour-matching service to ensure that the stone you buy from us is what’s required in order to match in with surrounding buildings, or if building an extension, to match the existing property.



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